Tsandza Bamboo Table Runner

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We are excited to be able to carry Tsandza's Handweaving pieces at Khutsala™ Artisans! These handwoven textiles uniquely combine the natural fibers of bamboo and mohair to create lush, original designs that are both timeless and elegant, and kind to our environment.

Table Runner: 72in x 24in

Tsandza’s signature collection is a random mix of stripes and colors reflecting the vibrance and color of Africa. The ultimate in uniqueness, each piece is hand-dyed and handwoven individually and created from a variety of colors. No two will be identical.

Tsandza means "love" in siSwati. The love and dedication the Tsandza Artisans have for their work. The love, respect and determination to make a difference to our communities, our economy and our environment The love and passion for all things beautiful. The love and excitement our customers have for what we represent and the products we produce.

“Made With Open Hearts And Open Eyes”

100% of the profits goes directly back to the care of orphans and vulnerable children in Eswatini, Africa.