Our Artisans

Sicelo Mañana


Meet Sicelo Manana.  Sicelo was born deaf and he is also mute.  His mother died when he was only 6-months-old.

The paternal father's family sent Sicelo away to live with his maternal Grandmother (Gogo) who raised him.  While he was never able to go to school, he was well cared for by a loving Gogo.  From age 20-29 he was hired as a shepherd, however, he was poorly paid and poorly cared for by the people whose cattle he was caring for.  

When we put out the most recent call for more workers at Khutsala, Sicelo's Uncle drove two hours to bring him home so that he could come and put his name on our list.  In February 2016, he was hired, and while communication is difficult, he is a fast learner and we are told he will be promoted from Junior Wrapper to Senior Wrapper (which comes with an increase in pay).  This young man loves his job, is a fabulous worker, and we give thanks to the Lord that He sent him to us as a new worker who is helping us make Christmas ornaments for Heart for Africa in 2016.

Sibongile Nhlabatsi

My name is Sibongile Nhlabatsi and I am a lady who is 43 years old, married in a polygamous family as a second wife, from a nearby community called Sigcineni.  I have three daughters and three sons.

I started working for Project Canaan in the year 2014 where I was first employed as a farm worker doing weeding and harvesting. Fortunately for me the following year I got a promotion and moved to Khutsala Artisans, where I now work as a Junior Wrapper.

Being employed at Project Canaan has been a privilege for me to support my family since my husband is no longer working since 2009.  I was struggling to pay the kid’s school fees, but Project Canaan came to my rescue. Whey my husband lost his job our house was only half built, but through my salary at Khutsala I have been able to complete the building.  Also the house has been wire and now we even have electricity!

Alice Khumalo

My name is Alice Khumalo and I am 44 years-old.  My husband died in 2011 and he left behind his parents with me and my daughter.  After the death of my husband, life has been very difficult for me such that even my daughter had to drop out from school because I didn't have money to pay for her school fees.  Life was very hard for me because I also had to feed and take care of my in-laws, yet I was not working and there was no rain.

In 2015 I got a job at Project Canaan and that was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Since I have been employed I am able to support my family and I am doing the best I can for my in-laws and my daughter.

I would like to give thanks to Project Canaan for rescuing me.

Margaret Dladla

My name is Margaret Dladla and I am 54 years-old. I live at my martial home with my five children and two grandchildren.

My husband died in 2014.  When he died I had no one to take care of me and my children.  We suffered because there was no food or clothing and our wood and mud house was collapsing when there was rain.

In 2015 I started work at Project Canaan and I was so excited to get the job because I really needed it.  I have built a one room home with concrete block with my salary.  I support my family and I buy food and clothing for my children.  I am so happy that I got the job at Project Canaan.  I really appreciate it and am so thankful.