Beaded Blue Frog

$15.00 USD

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These beautiful, handmade wire beaded frogs have been carefully handcrafted from wire and thousands of beads. The creation of this sculpture takes three African artisans over ten hours of work to complete. 

Display these wire beaded frogs in your home or office and know that you are supporting Khutsala™ Artisans by purchasing this one-of-a-kind item. 100% of the profits go directly to our children at Project Canaan, a place of hope for orphans and vulnerable children. 

Each frog is completely handmade, slight variations can occur in the color pattern of the frog that you will receive.

The Creation Process

The creation of each frog involves three of our highly skilled artisans. Each artisan works together to perform their own task. First, the frogs are framed out with a wire. This process often takes over three hours to complete. Then, each bead is hand strung on to a wire and finally carefully wrapped around the wireframe of the frog.

Fight Poverty and Support Children with Each Purchase

All of our handmade items are created in Eswatini. Unemployment estimates in Eswatini have been as high as 70%.  We currently employ over 100 people at Khutsala™ Artisans. Works gives us all a purpose and our goal is to provide these artisans with work they can be proud of that helps provide to their families. 

100% of all profits support the children living at Project Cannan, a place of HOPE for orphans and vulnerable children in Eswatini. Spread hope and support with each purchase you make.