Easter Front Porch Decorations: 7 Springtime Pieces to Buy

March 24, 2022

Easter Front Porch Decorations: 7 Springtime Pieces to Buy

When springtime rolls around, one of the most beloved holidays rolls around with it: Easter. This time of year is full of gatherings where fun activities, sweets, and kids running up and down the backyard are the norm. 

Maybe you even plan to host your own gathering for family and friends. If so, you know how important it is to have incredible Easter decorations throughout your house. And usually, this isn’t hard to do inside of your home. There are plenty of indoor decor options that you can use for Easter. 

But what about for the outside of your house? Specifically, do Easter front porch decorations exist? You may be asking yourself this question, and honestly, it makes sense. 

When you go into home decor stores, you don’t see many Easter decorations that could work for your front porch. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, Khutsala Artisans sells plenty of springtime pieces that are perfect Easter front porch decorations. 

Why do you need Easter front porch decorations?

First thing’s first—why are Easter decorations for the front porch even necessary? The initial answer is that you want to have your entire house look festive if you have people over to celebrate Easter. 

But more importantly, most Easter activities happen outside the home. This holiday takes place in the springtime when the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, and people are wearing flowy, lightweight dresses and shorts. 

Unless it’s raining, your Easter event won’t happen in your living room. Your guests will be outside and not just in your backyard, where the Easter egg hunt is taking place. Instead, they’ll be on your front porch, too. 

There are plenty of Easter activities your guest may want to enjoy on your front porch, including the following: 

  • Easter Egg Charades: A game of charades is always fun, and it’s an excellent game for Easter that adults and kids can enjoy. All you have to do is put the prompts in Easter eggs. Then, have each person act out whatever phrase or word they get. 
  • Guessing Games With Jelly Beans: Fun and simple games that are great for the front porch are ones that center around jelly beans. Simply put these candies in a jar and have every person guess how many jelly beans there are. Whoever has the closest number to the total will win. Also, another great idea is to have people taste a fancy jelly bean and try to guess the correct flavor. 
  • Easter Bingo: Everyone loves bingo, and this is a fun game to play on your front porch. All you need are Easter bingo cards, which are available online, and jelly beans or other sweets to mark the squares during the game. 

With family-friendly activities like these happening on your front porch, you’ll want to have stunning outdoor Easter decorations. Your guests should have the opportunity to experience all the beauty this holiday offers, so don't skip out on buying Easter front porch decorations for your event. 

The best Easter decorations for your front porch

If you’re ready to buy Easter decor for your front porch, Khutsala Artisans has you covered. Here are seven springtime pieces that you can use to outfit your home for this holiday. 



  1. Beaded Wall Flower

A beautiful piece to welcome springtime, the Beaded Wall Flower is a perfect decoration for Easter. It’s a white and yellow daisy that contains thousands of beads and requires eight hours to make. But the time and effort that goes into hand-making this front porch decor is worth it. 

The Beaded Wall Flower is fun and bright, aligning with the colors you commonly see at Easter. And its intricate design will be something your guests marvel at when they see it. 

Buy the Beaded Wall Flower HERE


  1. Daisy Bowl

Another great addition to your front porch is the Beaded Bowls. You can purchase the sunflower or daisy one. Both come with thousands of beads, and each bowl is one of a kind. Also, because of their bright colors, they will liven up your front porch and help maintain the springtime color scheme that’s perfect for Easter. 

Buy the Beaded Bowls HERE.



  1. Beaded Tulips

If you’re looking for flowers to help decorate your front porch, the Beaded Tulips are excellent pieces to consider. They come in several colors: white, red, orange, pink, sea moss, and metallic. Together, they make a beautiful, bright bouquet that you can use as a centerpiece on your front porch coffee table. 

Get the Beaded Tulips HERE.



  1. Daisy Garden Stakes

The Daisy Garden Stakes are perfect for your outdoor flower pot. Each beaded daisy contains around 2,921 beads and is attached to a 15-inch stake. This decor is available in multiple colors. Whether you get them all or just a few, the Daisy Garden Stakes will be an excellent addition to your Easter front porch decorations. 

Shop the Daisy Garden Stakes HERE.


  1. Noah’s Ark

A great way to commemorate the origins of Easter is with Noah’s Ark. This decoration comes with 13 beaded pieces, including two lions, two flamingos, two elephants, two alligators, two giraffes, two doves, and one ark. It contains over 10,000 beads and incredible detail that you and your guests will love. 

Buy Noah’s Ark HERE


  1. Beaded Eggs

There are eggs you use for Easter egg hunts and ones you use to decorate your front porch. And the Beaded Eggs from Khutsala Artisans are definitely ones that you use to bring life to your outdoor space. 

This decor is available in nine colors: teal, silver, white, light pink, pink stripe, lavender, pink speckle, teal stripe, and lavender stripe. Each egg has over 1,000 beads and measures 2.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. They’ll fit perfectly in a bowl to complete a centerpiece or act as great decor in an Easter basket that's in the corner of your front porch. 

Shop the Beaded Eggs HERE

Prepare your front porch for Easter 

With the springtime decorations from Khutsala Artisans, you can make your front porch absolutely beautiful for Easter. All of the pieces in this article will make your front porch come to life with bright, energetic colors, so much so that the guests at your Easter event won’t want to leave. 

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