Nokwanda Fakudze

Senior Supervisor | Joined Heart for Africa in 2018 as an intern, I was the Guest Relations personnel.

I am a public Relations graduate from Limkokwing University of creative Technology where I majored in communication and event management.

Nokwanda is inspired by not giving up no matter how many times I fail in life.

Sanele Khumalo

Production Supervisor Designer | Started working 2016 as a junior designer and learnt working and also teaching a number of people to being framers.

Working at Project Canaan, has enabled me to first build my mother a house. Maintain the family at home, pay school fees for siblings.

He has built a house for himself too.

Employment has given me freedom to having to achieving all goals I set for myself.

Thembinkhosi Mamba

Quality Control supervisor | Began working at Project Canaan in 2016 as a junior wrapper and I has grown in to being a designer and doing quality control.

I get inspiration from the love of handcraft. Learning and working with people doing good for myself is what I love. Being able to create work of art from everyday object make me believe in that I will be successful in opening my own business in the future.

Janine Maxwell

Co-Founder and COO of Heart for Africa | Creative Director at Khutsala Artisans | At the age of 24 Janine Maxwell founded what would become one of the most successful marketing companies in Canada. For 16 years Janine led Onyx Marketing Group boasting some of the most well known companies in North America. On 9/11 she found herself a part of thousands fleeing New York City. This life-changing event sent Janine on a search for the meaning of life. Her journey took her to Africa where she encountered the AIDS pandemic, hunger and disease. Janine was stirred by the faces of children, mothers and grandmothers fighting daily for their life. She turned from her boardroom savvy to be the voice sounding an alarm for those too weak to cry for help.  Together Janine and her husband Ian co-founded Heart For Africa, a faith based organization focusing on Hunger, Orphans, Poverty and Education in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland.) Janine is a graduate of Evangel University. She is the author of two books, Is It Okay With You? and It’s Not Okay With Me sold here on our Khutsala Online Store.

Ian Maxwell

Co-Founder and CEO of Heart for Africa | Operations Manager at Khutsala Artisans | Ian Maxwell works at Heart for Africa, a faith-based organization focusing on bringing hope to the people of Africa in the areas of Hunger, Orphans, Poverty and Education. Ian’s vision for self-sustainable food security for all people is at the core of community transformation. Ian successfully unites and partners people from many nations to work together for comprehensive and lasting solutions.

Ian has a degree in economics from Bishops University in Lennoxville, Quebec and is the former vice-president of operations for Onyx Marketing Group in Toronto, Canada.