Our Eswatini Team

Ncamile Patience Dlamini

Production Manager | My name is Ncamile Dlamini. I was born in Gebeni and I am a Swazi by birth and am 20-years old. I started working on Project Canaan in May 2013 in the farm department. Project Canaan is a  blessing to me because I am able to feed seven people in my family. I built a house and put electricity at home with the salary that I get from Project Canaan. I thank the Almighty God for bringing the Maxwell’s all the way from Canada to Swaziland just to change my life.  I am what I am today because of their great love. Now I’m working at Khutsala Artisans and my position is being the Production Manager. I thank God for my new position and I love it, and doing the best I can do in it. My biggest dream is to bring Khutsala Artisans to a very high level from what it is today, with the help of the Almighty God. By the grace of God Project Canaan has sent me to driving school and now I am studying computer at MTDI College in Manzini.  I can now drive a car and I can use a computer with the skills that I have learned.  Thank you so much Project Canaan and Heart for Africa for changing my life and my standard of living. God bless us all.

Whity Dlamini

Order & Shipping Supervisor | 
It is a great honor for me to be a part of Khutsala Artisans.  Whereby not only am I earning an income to help my family, but it has taught me to honor God in another way.  By the work I do I am helping the underprivileged to live a better life.  I grew up in an environment whereby appreciation and love was not known, so I have learned to stand up for myself as a woman and make a better living for myself and my two lovely sons.

Leo Mlotsa

I have worked at Khutsala Artisans for 7 years and was one of the very first employees at Khutsala. I live in Gebeni and have a very big family.⁠

Since working with Khutsala Artisans, I have been able to support myself. While I live on my family homestead, I have been able to build my own one room house with the salary I make.⁠

We are proud of Leo and his hard work ethic. He embodies what Khutsala means in siSwati - hard worker.

Janine Maxwell

Co-Founder and COO of Heart for Africa | Operations Manager Khutsala Artisans | At the age of 24 Janine Maxwell founded what would become one of the most successful marketing companies in Canada. For 16 years Janine led Onyx Marketing Group boasting some of the most well known companies in North America. On 9/11 she found herself a part of thousands fleeing New York City. This life-changing event sent Janine on a search for the meaning of life. Her journey took her to Africa where she encountered the AIDS pandemic, hunger and disease. Janine was stirred by the faces of children, mothers and grandmothers fighting daily for their life. She turned from her boardroom savvy to be the voice sounding an alarm for those too weak to cry for help.  Together Janine and her husband Ian co-founded Heart For Africa, a faith based organization focusing on Hunger, Orphans, Poverty and Education in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland.) Janine is a graduate of Evangel University. She is the author of two books, Is It Okay With You? and It’s Not Okay With Me sold here on our Khutsala Online Store.