Easter Front Porch Decorations: 7 Springtime Pieces to Buy

March 24, 2022

Why are Easter decorations for the front porch even necessary? The initial answer is that you want to have your entire house look festive if you have people over to celebrate Easter. 

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National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Why This Holiday Matters

March 10, 2022 2 Comments

Women throughout the world have disproportionately experienced the effects of HIV/AIDS, and that's been the case since the global epidemic began. Currently, women make up more than half of all people living with the virus.

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How to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17, 2022

In February, most people only celebrate Valentine's Day, and it makes sense. It's the most popular and well-known holiday of the month. But there's another special day that also exists: Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Him or Her

February 04, 2022

Khutsala Artisans has last-minute Valentine's Day gifts that you can buy, knowing your loved ones will enjoy them. Even better, when you purchase an item from Khutsala Artisans, you don't just order a gift for someone you love. You also help spread love in Eswatini, Africa. 

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How to Create Hope in 2022 for Eswatini Women

January 20, 2022

In this small southern country, Eswatini women deal with life-threatening challenges on a regular—and sometimes daily— basis. Even worse, young girls in Eswatini are not immune to certain hardships. 

Regardless of their age, many females in the country constantly battle obstacles that eliminate any ounce of hope. And while sad, it's unsurprising since the trials that Eswatini women and girls face are immensely challenging. 

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New Year's Resolutions: Definition, Difficulties, & Daring to Succeed

January 06, 2022

New Year's resolutions are like every other goal. They require effort and consistency to accomplish.

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How to Throw a New Year's Party

December 16, 2021

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How to Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with Khutsala Artisans

December 09, 2021

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When to Decorate for Christmas & the Best Decor to Get

November 18, 2021

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What Is Absolute Poverty & What Does It Look Like?

November 04, 2021

Research indicates that more than 700 million individuals live in absolute poverty, which is 10 percent of the world's population. While this is a lot of people, most of them actually exist in one place. The UN suggests that a majority of individuals experiencing absolute poverty are in sub-Saharan Africa and only have less than $1.90 per day.

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What Does a Dove Symbolize?

October 21, 2021

Universally, a dove symbolizes love and peace. And while slight differences in its meaning exist across cultures, overall, the dove is always a symbol of deep affection and harmony.

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5 Kid-Friendly Halloween Decorations

October 07, 2021

Fall is a fantastic time of year for many reasons. It's the only season that ushers in pumpkin patches, flannels, bonfires, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, Halloween. 



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