What Does a Dove Symbolize?

October 21, 2021

What Does a Dove Symbolize?

It's normal for certain things to become associated with something else. For example, when you think of wings and nachos, you typically wonder about your next football tailgate. When you dream about beaches and picnics, thoughts of summer tend to come to mind. And when someone mentions Starbucks' infamous pumpkin spice latte, you probably think about fall and cozy sweaters. 

Of course, these are common associations that you find in the United States. But no matter where you live, there are always certain things that represent something else. 

However, what's hard is finding one thing that carries such a similar meaning across history, countries, and cultures. Life looks different depending on the people you're with, the country you call home, and the era you live in. 

But one thing that has managed to have a similar meaning across these divides is the white dove. Universally, a dove symbolizes love and peace. And while slight differences in its meaning exist across cultures, overall, the dove is always a symbol of deep affection and harmony.

What does a dove symbolize in different cultures and religions?

When you look at doves, it's apparent that this bird plays a significant role in various cultures and religions. In fact, on almost every continent, you can find people who have associated a particular meaning with this bird. For instance, below are several cultures and religions that see something special in doves. 

  1. Doves symbolism in Christianity 

In Christianity, doves represent purity and peace. This bird shows up multiple times in the Bible, making it an important symbol and meaningful bird to Christians. It's also worth noting that, in Christianity, a dove is usually a representation of the Holy Spirit, which is the third person of the Trinity.


  1. Doves symbolism in Native American culture

Doves are birds that mate for life. As such, in Native American culture, doves tend to represent enduring love and also signify the Goddess of Love. Additionally, doves represent gentleness and peace. And in Native American culture, doves provide important messages and are a symbol of forgiveness. 

  1. Doves symbolism in Japan 

In Japanese culture, doves are associated with peace and the end of a war. It's believed that this bird is used to honor the people who died in the Hiroshima war in WWII. 

  1. Doves symbolism to Celtics 

Among the Celtic people, doves carry various meanings. Throughout history, Celts have reportedly associated doves with healing, signs, oracles, and messages.

Another cool thing to note is that, in Ireland, Saint Columa—a missionary and church founder—was sometimes referred to as a dove because of his gentleness. Christianity is an evident influence here, and you can also see that in how Celtic people associated doves with the Holy Spirit. 

  1. Doves symbolism in China

In China, doves represent love and longevity. They are associated with long life and peace, aligning with the beautiful image that the birds have sustained throughout time.  

  1. Doves symbolism to Aztecs 

The Aztecs placed major significance on doves. They associated the birds with their goddess Xochiquetzal, who represented love and fertility. According to Aztec creation stories, Xochiquetzal was the mother of humanity who came to the earth as a dove after the Great Flood. 

  1. Doves symbolism in Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, doves have multiple meanings. They usually symbolize love because they are closely associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who is also known as Venus in Roman mythology. However, doves also represent peace in Greek mythology, and sometimes, they symbolize renewal. 

Enjoy the dove's symbolism in your home

No matter where you turn, doves typically have a great meaning behind them. Across different cultures and religions, these birds have consistently represented peace and love. And if you want this type of beauty in your home, you should get Khutsala Artisans' Dove Ornament

This special piece is a brand new ornament from Khutsala Artisans, and it's supposed to help remind people of the peace and goodwill available to all humanity. The ornament contains white and silver beads but also includes green accent beads to represent the branch that the dove is carrying. 

The Dove Ornament is a unique decoration all on its own and can be a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree. But if you want to pair it with other ornaments that carry similar meanings, here are three more pieces that you may want to check out. 


  1. Angel Ornaments 

Hand-beaded by Swazi artisans in Eswatini, Africa, the Angel Ornaments are excellent decorations for your Christmas tree. Similar to doves, angels have positive associations and represent various things like hope, trust, faith, message-bearers, and devotion.  

The Angel Ornaments are perfect if you or someone else loves this spiritual being. And you can get this decoration in three different colors: snowy, white, and gold. 

Buy the Angel Ornaments HERE


  1. Heart Ornament

If you want to complement the Dove Ornament with something else that symbolizes love, you need to get the Heart Ornament. This handmade piece includes glass beads that Swazi artisans in Eswatini string on a wire and then wrap around a frame. The Heart Ornament includes over 1,000 and also comes in two colors: red and snowy. 

Purchase the Heart Ornament HERE


  1. Swazi Hut Ornament  

The Swazi Hut Ornament is another special piece that pairs well with the Dove Ornament. It represents the love that Khutsala Artisans has for Eswatini, a country that's struggling with hunger, an orphan crisis, poverty, and poor access to education. 

The team at Khutsala Artisans is helping reduce these issues by giving all of its profits to Heart for Africa, which is a faith-based humanitarian organization that brings orphans and vulnerable children into its family and provides them with food, love, support, medical care, clothes, toys, a great education, and more. 

If you want to help spread the love that Khutsala Artisans is trying to provide in Eswatini, the Swazi Hut Ornament is the perfect decoration to combine with the Dove Ornament. It'll be a great conversation piece and a symbol of the affection you have for helping others. 

Buy the Swazi Hut Ornament HERE

Creating symbols of love and peace

There's nothing better than having decorations in your home that symbolize beautiful things. And if you're looking for Christmas decorations that represent love and peace, two hallmark characteristics of the holiday, then the Dove Ornament is perfect for you. 

It pairs well with other decorations that have similar meanings. And buying it allows you to help spread love to those in Eswatini who need it most. 

Get the Dove Ornament HERE and then check out the rest of Khutsala Artisans’ Christmas ornaments

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