How to Throw a New Year's Party

December 16, 2021

How to Throw a New Year's Party

There's nothing better than reigning in a new year. At the beginning of January, the possibilities seem endless, the goals you set abound, and the motivation to achieve everything you want simmers inside of you, waiting to burst. 

For the beginning of a new year, you have to celebrate everything that's on the horizon. It's only natural. Getting excited about the future and what lies ahead deserves a commiserating moment. And what better way to create that moment than with a good New Year's party?

Everyone loves a fun event to help reign in January 1st. But if you're wondering how to throw a New Year's party, don't worry. It's not as hard as you may think. All it takes is a few steps to plan it and the right items to host it. 

How do people celebrate New Year's?

Before you start party planning, first thing's first. How do people even celebrate? While New Year's parties are common, it's essential to keep in mind that people usually do things at those parties that go beyond listening to music and dancing, and you should, too. But what exactly should you do? 

Well, people around the world celebrate New Year's in different ways. For example, with some individuals, it's a tradition to eat 12 grapes at or before midnight. On the other hand, many people like to munch on a tasty dish from the legume family to usher in good luck. 

If you're in a room full of singers, you may find partygoers singing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight, a tune that's become an anthem worldwide to celebrate a new year. However, suppose you're at a party with a bunch of goal-oriented individuals. In that case, you may find people making vision boards or at least writing down their resolutions, a well-known tradition that reportedly dates all the way back to the Mesopotamians. 

And of course, you can't forget one of the most popular New Year's traditions: watching the ball drop in Times Square. It's so common to see this tradition play out on TV. Even more common is counting down the seconds to midnight while watching the ball drop and following the tradition with confetti and a champagne toast. 

Overall, the traditions and activities that people do at New Year's parties vary greatly. This article has only mentioned a few, but there are so many different ways that you can celebrate the start of a new year. The most important thing is to choose activities that sound fun to you and have the highest likelihood of pleasing your guests. 

Steps to planning a great New Year's party

Once you've considered how you want to celebrate, it's time to figure out the details. When planning a New Year's party, there will always be multiple things to keep in mind and organize. But there are usually three factors you need to focus on and prioritize if you want to have a successful party.

  1. Determine the location 

You can't have a New Year's party if you don't have a place to throw it. At the beginning of your party planning, make sure to nail down a specific location for your event. You can either host the party at your home or rent a venue. Either option will work. You just have to choose one that you prefer.

  1. Establish a theme 

Throwing a good New Year's party requires a theme. Will yours be a black-and-white event? Should your guests wear cocktail attire? Or, will you do something different like throw a pajama or masquerade party? 

Whatever decision you make will work, but set aside time to choose something and let every attendee know what you decide. You don't want someone to show up in a little black dress while everyone else is wearing a onesie. 

  1. Get food and beverages 

You need food and beverages if you want to throw a great New Year's party. Of course, this doesn't mean you need an open bar, three-course meal, or even one meal for people to eat. However, you do need to have yummy appetizers for people to easily pick up and enjoy. And you must have a variety of beverages for guests to sip on at the party. 

What to bring to a New Year's Party 

The final thing to consider when wondering how to throw a New Year's party is the things you need to bring. At every event, a good host is ready to set the tone and comes prepared to entertain. 

And if you want to do those two things, there are a handful of items you must have at your New Year's party. However, they're not hard to find. In fact, you can get them all at Khutsala Artisans.  


  1. Charcuterie board  

Nothing signals a good time like a charcuterie board. This item is always a hit, regardless of the event you're hosting. Charcuterie boards are aesthetically pleasing and come with tasty finger food. And they're not difficult to put together. 

All you need is a beautiful board, which Khutsala Artisans already provides. The piece is handmade in Eswatini and comes from bloodwood trees native to Southern Africa. The charcuterie board mirrors the tree's dark red colored sap, making it a unique and alluring item.

Get the Charcuterie Board HERE.


  1. Wood Charcuterie Serving Set

You can't serve food without beautiful utensils. Luckily, at Khutsala Artisans, you can get the Wood Charcuterie Accessory Set, which comes with richly grained olive wood serving utensils that have bone accents. 

This set contains a bowl and spoon that you can use for dips, jam, butter, spreads, and tapenade. The bowl is also deep enough to hold any nuts or seeds you plan to offer. Additionally, this set includes a spreader, larger spoon, and fork to help you serve all of your food. 

Purchase the Wood Charcuterie Accessory Set HERE


  1. Beverage Chiller

The Beverage Chiller is a newer addition to Khutsala Artisans and is handmade by Ngwenya Glass artisans in Eswatini. If you want to enjoy this beautiful item, all you have to do is add ice to the opening on the side. Then, you can fill the chiller with your favorite cold drink. It can be lemonade, tea, wine, or whatever else you plan to bring to your New Year's Party.  

Buy the Beverage Chiller HERE.


  1. Wine Glass Charms 

Handmade by Swazi artisans in Eswatini, the Wine Glass Charms are unique and timeless sets. Each charm is a SwaziMUD bead that artisans have hand-rolled and glazed, and every charm has a unique design to help it stand out. 

Also worth noting is that each set contains six charms, and multiple sets are currently available. You can choose one based on color or design. However, regardless of the set you choose, the Wine Glass Charms are sure to be a unique addition to your party and help people remember their drinks. 

Get the Wine Glass Charms HERE.


  1. Jewelry 

If you want to set the tone for your New Year's event, especially if it has a fancier dress code, you need to wear beautiful jewelry. At Khutsala Artisans, you can find everything from bracelets to earrings to necklaces, and all of the jewelry is handmade.

Each piece is uniquely designed and can accessorize every outfit. And if you want to wear the pieces after your party, you can definitely do so. All of the jewelry works for casual outfits as well. 

Shop Khutsala Artisans' Jewelry HERE.    

Throw your New Year's Party 

With the right activities, planning, and items, your New Year's party will be a blast. You can give your guests a night to remember by following the steps in this article and buying the products above. 

Even better, the profits from your purchase will go to Heart for Africa, a faith-based humanitarian organization that is bringing HOPE to the Kingdom of Eswatini by fighting Hunger, caring for Orphans, decreasing Poverty and providing Education. 100% of the profits from the sale of Khutsala™ Artisan goods goes directly back to support the children in their care. Your purchases also help Heart for Africa to continue to provide employment to local Swazis, empowering them to provide for their families and decreasing poverty in the community.

So don't just throw a New Year's party to celebrate the upcoming season. Shop with Khutsala Artisans to help others gear up for the new year as well. 

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