Africa Trivet

$20.00 USD

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Extend the beauty of Khutsala Artisans handcrafted SwaziMUD™ and your love for Africa to your countertop and table with this protective trivet. This perfect resting spot for cookware comes in two colors, cream and blue. Handcrafted so each piece is one of a kind.


Each Purchase Fights Poverty

Over 50% of the population in Eswatini is living below the poverty line. Our mission is to decrease this percentage and provide employment for those in Eswatini. Over 100 people are currently employed at Khutsala™ Artisans and since each Swazi provides for 7 other family members on average, over 700 people are impacted in surrounding communities.   

100% of Profits Donated to Support HOPE for Orphans & Vulnerable Children  

100% of the profit made from each sale goes to support the children living at Project Canaan, a place of HOPE for orphans and vulnerable children in Eswatini. Spread hope to the beautiful children in Eswatini when you purchase.