Wood Serving Set

$25.00 USD

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New to our home décor items are these authentic African servers that will make a unique and organic addition to your table.  Two styles available. 

  • Braided handle:  Artfully carved from a single piece of wild olive wood using simple hand tools, this rustic pair of wooden salad servers showcases the beautiful natural wood-grain in a braided handle pattern.
  • Bone handle: Hand-dyed bone on the top of the handles to make them unique and authentically African. Beautiful natural wood-grain, contrasted by white bone handles with traditional natural African art.
  • Ebony ribbed handle:  Handmade of exquisite Ebony wood from Africa and delicately hand-polished. Beautiful ribbing detail on handle.
  • Care: Hand wash only. Periodically treat wood with food-grade mineral oil or olive oil to maintain their beauty and luster.
  • 2-Piece Set

Because these are made by hand, no two are identical and variations are to be appreciated and enjoyed by the consumer.

  • Socially responsible product assortments that is empowering consumers to purchase according to their values and help alleviate poverty.
  • Fair Trade is so much more than a product assortment. It's about safe workplaces, fair wages + community investment for factory employees. Khutsala™ Artisans is a proud member or SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade.)
  • Package includes: 1 Set
  • Colors: Natural
  • Materials: Ethically handmade from wood and bone
  • Made by African artisans
Why Support Eswatini

In Eswatini, over 50% of the population lives below the poverty level and struggle to find jobs. Khutsala™ Artisans, a Heart for Africa initiative, provides employment for men and women in Eswatini. Providing employment to local Swazis empowers these men and women and each artisan is proud of the work they make while supporting their family.

100% Of Profits are Donated

All of the profits from each sale are donated to support the care of the children living on Project Canaan, our 2,500-acre farm in Eswatini. Support these beautiful children in need with each purchase you make.