Project Canaan

The Project Canaan Children (PCC) program provides a safe haven for orphans and vulnerable children. Children's homes and schools have been and will continue to be built to provide for the ever-growing number of orphans being left in the wake of the AIDS pandemic.

This will provide them a chance to live and grow as well as be educated to help break the cycle of poverty in their generation. As of June 2020, we have 260+ abandoned/orphaned children living at Project Canaan. We receive a new baby on average every 10 days. 


• we change over 400 diapers EVERY DAY!

• we get, on average, a new baby every 10 days!

• we presently have 6 children’s homes: El Roi Baby Home, LabaketsiweToddler Home, and 4 Emseni Children’s homes (for our older children.)

• we have full-time caregivers for our children whom we call our Aunties.


    • Education is important to our goal of helping the people of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) break the cycle of poverty. Through the Sisekelo Preschool and Project Canaan Academy we are providing the best educational resources available at each stage of development to help the Project Canaan Children grow into the future leaders of Swaziland.

    • The Sisekelo Preschool was completed in May of 2013

    • Project Canaan Academy’s first building, the Pre-K and Kindergarten building, opened October 7th, 2014. Our first class started on January 1st, 2015.

    • In 2018, Project Canaan Academy gained accreditation through the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa.