Angel Tree Topper

$30.00 USD

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A stunning way to top your Christmas Tree - Khutsala™  Artisans Angel Tree Topper. This Angel is hand-beaded, with white glass beads and a large signature SwaziMUD bead for the head. Each of our tree toppers is handmade by skilled African artisans working for a fair wage. Each angel takes hours to make and contains thousands of beads.

  • Made in Eswatini, Africa
  • 100% handcrafted
  • Perfect for Christmas decor
  • 100% of profits are donated
How They're Made

This handmade Angel Tree Topper is handcrafted in Eswatini by Khutsala™ Artisans. Each unique item is handcrafted by creating a wire frame, stringing all of the beads on to a wire, and then wrapping the beaded string around the frame. Our most experienced artisans have crafted these unique holiday decorations.

Why Support Eswatini

In Eswatini, over 50% of the population lives below the poverty level and struggles to find jobs. Khutsala™ Artisans, a Heart for Africa initiative, provides employment for men and women in Eswatini. Over 100 people are currently employed by Khutsala™ Artisans and each artisan is proud of the work they make while supporting their family.

100% Of Profits are Donated

All of the profits from each sale go to support the children living on Project Canaan, Heart for Africa's 2,500-acre farm in Eswatini. Support these beautiful children in need with each purchase you make.