Beaded Eggs

$10.00 USD

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These unique, hand-beaded eggs are available in nine different colors and are handmade in Africa. Our Khutsala™ Artisans have handmade each and every one of these eggs. The beading process takes over 10 hours for each egg to be completed by our most skilled team members. 

  • Available in 9 colors
  • Handcrafted by Khutsala™ Artisans
  • Fair Trade made in Africa
  • Each egg contains over 1,000 beads
  • Measures 2.5" tall and 1.5" wide

Eggs symbolize new life and un-hatched potential and they bring hope and purity. In some cultures, eggs are seen as a symbol of luck and wealth. These eggs make the perfect addition to an Easter basket or a unique good-luck charm for a loved one in your life. The unique story of how these eggs are handcrafted will make the gift even more special. 

Sale Profits Donated to African Orphans

100% of the profit from all of our sales goes directly to support the children living at the Heart for Africa farm called Project Canaan. 

Support Our Artisans

Our eggs are hand-beaded by Khutsala™ Artisans living in Eswatini. Each egg takes over 10 hours to craft. Your purchase provides employment in for those in Eswatini where the unemployment estimates have been as high as 70%. Many community members in the country are living below the poverty level. Our goal is to provide employment for our Artisans and help them support their families. Your purchase of these handcrafted items helps support their livelihood.