Beaded Critter and Bird Garden Stakes

$20.00 USD

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These hand-crafted garden ornaments add the perfect colorful touch to your flower pot, indoor plant, or garden. If you're looking for a unique gift for the garden lover in your life this is the perfect piece of art. Each of these beautifully crafted critters is handmade in Eswatini and attached to a 15" stake. Choose from a dragonfly, hummingbird, bee, bluebird, cardinal, butterfly, ladybug or lizard and our NEW African bird collection- Yellow Billed Hornbill, African Emerald Cuckoo, and Hoopoe Birds . 

  • Perfect decor piece for potted flowers or plants
  • Choose from 13 unique styles
  • Handcrafted by African artisans
  • Each garden stake is one of a kind
  • Contain over 1000 beads each
  • Stakes can be easily cut to the desired length
  • Lizard is 6" long and 3" wide
The Handcrafted Processes

Each of these critters is handcrafted by our most skilled artisans and takes hours to create. The process is started by bending wire to the shape needed for each specific animal. Then, another artisan strings all of the beads needed on to a long wire, and finally, the beaded string is wrapped around the frame. The entire process takes over 10 hours and results in a unique piece of beaded garden art. 

Fight Poverty with Your Purchase

In Eswatini, over 50% of the population lives below the national poverty line and makes less than two dollars per day.  All of Khutsala™ Artisan items are made by men and women of Eswatini. Expanding employment to lift people out of poverty, provide income and support to others through jobs is a central part of Heart for Africa’s plan to bring hope and help to the people of Eswatini.

100% of Proceed Donated to Orphans in Need

Khutsala™ Artisans, a Heart for Africa initiative, not only provides employment for men and women in Eswatini, but we also support orphans in need. Heart for Africa has a 2,500-acre farm called Project Canaan in Eswatini. 100% of the profits from all Khutsala™ sales goes to support the children living on Project Canaan.