Eswatini Flag Keychain

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NEW from Khutsala™ Artisans! This magnificent handcrafted Swazi Flag keychain.⁠

The flag of Eswatini was adopted on October 6, 1968 after Eswatini (then known as Swaziland) gained independence from the British Empire one month before. The design by King Sobhuza II features a black and white shield, with a staff and two spears, on a field of blue, yellow, and red horizontal bands.⁠

The red stands for past battles, the blue for peace and stability, and the yellow for the resources of Eswatini. The central focus of the flag is a Nguni shield and two spears, symbolizing protection from the country's enemies. Its color is meant to show that white and black people live in peaceful coexistence in Eswatini. ⁠

Get this beautiful keychain and show your support for the Kingdom of Eswatini. 

When you purchase Khutsala™ Artisan goods, you are providing HOPE to many local Swazis through employment. Employment means hope for a living wage to support and provide for families. ⁠

100% of the profits goes directly back to the care of orphans and vulnerable children in Eswatini.⁠