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A widely requested follow up to Janine Maxwell’s first two books 'It’s Not Okay With Me' and 'Is It Okay With You?', HOPE LIVES HERE is a comprehensive look behind the scenes of Project Canaan: A Place of HOPE, a development project and children’s home that she and her husband Ian are building in Africa. While this book is not specifically a “how to” manual on how to start a ministry in Africa, nor a guide on successfully developing a self-sustainable farm with water provision during devastating drought, it is the heartfelt and often heart-wrenching story of their journey and path toward growing promising futures for hundreds of orphaned or abandoned children. Maxwell breaks down details of their Hunger, Orphans, Poverty, Education initiatives designed to bring HOPE to the kingdom of Eswatini and much more. Joys and successes are equally shared alongside lows and betrayals.