Is It Okay With You?

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Janine Maxwell is back again with a book that tells more of Heart for Africa's amazing work on one of the world's neediest continents. It takes up where her first book, It's Not Okay With Me, left off. Raw in style and truth, this book digs deeper into the who, what, why, and how of the AIDS pandemic and the plight of millions of orphans left in its wake.

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This book challenges each of us to educate ourselves, make a choice, and then take action. This book can be a difficult read and while it's hard to read about children living in poverty and through abuse, Janine challenges each of us to not only wallow in our sadness and apathy but to be moved to take action. 

At Project Canaan, we personally relate to this book's mission. All of the proceeds from are donated to support children in need living at Project Canaan in Eswatini. Help us take action by visiting us online at to find out more or just shopping our selection of handmade goods.