Beaded Poinsettia Bowl

$30.00 USD

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If you're looking for the perfect unique centerpiece for your next holiday party, look no further. This beautiful beaded poinsettia bowl is the perfect addition for your holiday decorations and for hosting a party! 

These bowls are handmade in Africa by skilled artisans. Each bowl takes hours to make and is completely handcrafted. No two bowls are alike. The proceeds from each online purchase are donated to support African orphans and vulnerable children.

How It's Made

The creation of this unqiue bowl involves a team of three Khutsala™ Artisans. One strings the beads, one creates the frame, and one wraps the beads on the frame. It takes an experienced framer about 3 hours to make one frame, an experienced stringer about 1.5 hours to string the beads, and an experienced wrapper a full day (8 hours) to wrap one frame with beads.

100% Of Profits Donated

All of the profits from each of our beaded animals, home decor and jewelry is donated directly back to support the children living at Project Canaan in Eswatini, Africa. Our artisans are paid a fair wage for their labor and work hard to support the orphans living on the Project Canaan farm.

Bowl Sizing

The size of the bowl is 9” wide x 2.4” high.