SwaziMUD™ Cross Double Wrap Bracelet

$20.00 USD

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Our SwaziMUD™ Cross Double Wrapped Bracelet is made by the Khutsala™ Artisans in Eswatini, Africa. Each bracelet is handmade which creates slight variations in each bead making each bracelet one of a kind.

The production of these bracelets provides work for men and women in a country with unemployment estimates up to 70%. 100% of the profits from the sale of Khutsala™ goods go directly back to the care of the children living on Project Canaan in Eswatini, Africa. 

What Are SwaziMUD Beads?

Our SwaziMUD™ beads are hand-rolled on site and glazed. These beads are made from African mud that is hand-rolled and then baked in a kiln for 8 hours. After the beads are hardened, they are hand glazed and then baked again for another 8 hours turning them into uniquely colored ceramic beads. Proudly wear this unique pair of earrings and know that no one else in the world has a pair like yours. 

Support Eswatini Employment

Over 50% of the population in Eswatini, Africa is living below the poverty line and make less than $2 per day. Our mission is to provide employment and support to these artisans. Over 100 people are currently employed at Khutsala™ Artisans and since each Swazi provides for 13 other family members on average, nearly 1,300 people are impacted in surrounding communities.  

How Your Purchase Helps?

100% of the profits from each purchase are directly donated to support the children living at Project Canaan, a place of HOPE for orphans and vulnerable children in Eswatini, Africa. Spread hope to the children of Eswatini with each purchase.