SwaziMUD™ Heart Earrings

$20.00 USD

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Our SwaziMUD™ heart earrings feature our signature SwaziMUD™ beads with adorable silver hearts! They come in 4 color choices! Choose from bronze, brown, pink, and white options.

Each of our items is completely handmade in Eswatini, Africa. Our SwaziMUD™ beads are hand-rolled on site and glazed. These beads are made from African mud that is hand-rolled and then baked in a kiln for 8 hours. After the beads are hardened, they are hand glazed and then baked again for another 8 hours turning them into uniquely colored ceramic beads. Proudly wear this unique pair of earrings and know that no one else in the world has a pair like yours. 

Our Mission

Khutsala™ Artisan's mission is to provide fair-wage employment to men and women in Eswatini. In a country that has over 50% of its residents living below the poverty line, it is difficult to find fair-wage employment. Each purchase helps support the livelihood of our 100+ artisans. 

Profits Donated to African Orphans

100% of all of our profits are donated to support the children living on our 2,500-acre farm in Eswatini, Africa called Project Canaan.