8 Pieces of Fall Jewelry to Accessorize Your Wardrobe

September 30, 2021

8 Pieces of Fall Jewelry to Accessorize Your Wardrobe

Fall is finally here, and with it, a new change in wardrobe. Instead of wearing flowy maxi dresses, shorts, and sandals, it's time to bring out your favorite boots, sweaters, and cardigans. 

But as with every change in your wardrobe, you need to have the right accessories. It's what pulls your outfit together and makes everything look better. However, if you don't have any fall jewelry in your closet or need to buy some new pieces, Khutsala Artisans has you covered. 

From necklaces to bracelets to earrings, Khutsala Artisans has every type of fall accessory you need to enhance your wardrobe this season. But buying pieces from Khutsala Artisans doesn't just make your outfit look good. It also makes a difference in people's lives. 

The purpose behind the purchase 

Khutsala Artisans is a mission-driven initiative that helps Swazis in Eswatini. In this small kingdom in southern Africa, there are many challenges that people go through. And they're not simple problems that you can solve in a couple of days or weeks. 

On the contrary, Swazis are currently experiencing issues that come down to life or death or that have the power to change the trajectory of their entire lives. For example, here are just four challenges that Swazis battle against on a day-to-day basis. 

  1. Hunger

Because so many Swazis live in poverty, hunger is an ongoing issue. When walking around in Eswatini, it's common to see malnourished children and parents or caregivers taking extreme measures to find food. 

But despite the efforts that Swazi adults put in, over 347,000 people, including 180,000 children, are experiencing acute food shortages in Eswatini. Research also suggests that nearly 60,000 Swazis are facing emergency levels of hunger, meaning starvation or death is a very real possibility if there's no humanitarian aid. 

  1. Orphan crisis

In Eswatini, there are hundreds of thousands of children who don't have parents or caregivers. This problem persists for several reasons. One major cause is the hunger crisis that Swazis are experiencing. Many adults in Eswatini abandon their children because they can't take care of them. 

However, another primary cause is the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Eswatini has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world. Research from 2019 suggests that 200,000 Swazis are living with HIV/AIDS, a high number for a country that only has a population of 1.1 million. And in 2019, the virus claimed 2,300 Swazi lives, resulting in thousands of orphaned children. 

  1. Poverty

Eswatini has the 10th highest income inequality in the world and ranks 138th out of 189 countries in the 2019 Human Development Index. That said, Swazis are no strangers to poverty. Despite steps that the country has taken to alleviate the issue, the proportion of people experiencing poverty in Eswatini remains high. 

Currently, 58.9 percent of the rural population lives on less than US$1.90 per day, and 20 percent of Swazis are considered extremely poor. Even worse, some estimates put Eswatini's unemployment rate at 70 percent, so getting out of poverty is not easy.

  1. Access to Education

Most Swazi children don't have access to education, mainly because their parents can't afford it. When Swazi adults earn a little bit of money, they have to distribute it in a way that leads to their family's survival. And that means putting the little money they have towards food and shelter before school and books. 

Because of the severe challenges that Swazis in Eswatini face, Khutsala Artisans puts all of its profits towards helping the country. Every dollar that Khutsala Artisans makes goes to Heart for Africa, a faith-based humanitarian organization that's tackling the hunger, orphan, poverty, and education crises in the country. 

So when you buy fall jewelry from Khutsala Artisans, your purchase is serving a purpose. It's helping Swazis adults and children experience a better quality of life instead of being forced to figure out ways to survive on a daily basis. 

Shop fall jewelry at Khutsala Artisans 

If you want to buy fall jewelry and help uplift the people in Eswatini, Khutsala Artisans offers many beautiful and timeless pieces that can accessorize your wardrobe. But if you need a few ideas on what to get, here's a list of handmade fall jewelry that you can buy at Khutsala Artisans. 


  1. Swazi Coin Charm Bracelet 

Featuring a coin charm to represent the currency in Eswatini, this handmade bracelet is a great way to bring attention to the poverty that Swazis face while also spicing up your wardrobe. The Swazi Coin Charm Bracelet is a gold accessory with a real Swazi coin dangling from the chain. It's a simple yet unique piece that's truly authentic to Eswatini culture. 

Buy the Swazi Coin Charm Bracelet HERE.


  1. SwaziMUD Silver Leaf Bracelets

Perfect for anyone who loves how the leaves change colors in the fall, the SwaziMUD Silver Leaf Bracelets are excellent accessories for this season. They come in multiple fall colors, including bronze luster, deepstone, buxi green, and sea moss. And the leaf charm is accented by two smaller charms to help it stand out. 

Buy the SwaziMUD Silver Leaf Bracelet HERE.


  1. SwaziMUD Long Charm Necklace  

Coming in a beautiful bronze color, the SwaziMUD Long Charm Necklace features Khutsala Artisans' signature SwaziMUD beads. 

The artisans who make this necklace handroll and bake the beads in a kiln for eight hours, then glaze and bake them again for another eight hours to cement the intended look. The finished product is a necklace with uniquely colored ceramic beads complemented by a coin charm. Additionally, this necklace is easily adjustable, allowing you to make it as long or short as you need. 

Buy the SwaziMUD Long Charm Necklace HERE.


  1. SwaziMUD Drop Bead Earrings

When it comes to fall jewelry, you always need a pair of earrings that can match the season, and the SwaziMUD Drop Bead Earrings are perfect. These earrings come in multiple colors, but the deep stone and teapot brown are the best ones for fall. And because Khutsals Artisans handmakes each of its pieces, no two beads are alike in color, so you can wear this unique piece knowing no one else in the world has the same pair. 

Buy the SwaziMUD Drop Bead Earrings HERE


  1. SwaziMUD Green Charm Bracelet 

Coming in an vibrant green color, the SwaziMUD Green Charm Bracelet is a great way to accessorize your wardrobe. It comes with four unique charms that you can choose from: a heart, a cross, a child, and a silver tag with hope stamped on it. Each charm has meaning behind it, so you can pick the one that resonates best with you and wear this bracelet to symbolize what's important in your life. 

Buy the SwaziMUD Green Charm Bracelet HERE


  1. Swazi Coin Necklace

The Swazi Coin Necklace features a chunky bronze chain and a real Swazi coin. This piece is around 18 inches long, so it's perfect if you want to layer it with something else or need a necklace that's not too long or too short. It also pairs well with the Swazi Coin Charm Bracelet, so make sure to wear both pieces of fall jewelry if you want a beautiful set instead of one item. 


Buy the Swazi Coin Necklace HERE.


  1. Corded SwaziMUD Unity Bracelet 

If you want jewelry that's easily adjustable, the Corded SwaziMUD Unity Bracelet is the piece for you. Because of its brown cord, it can fit any wrist and hang as loose or tight as you want. And this piece features black, brown, tan, off-white, and white-colored SwaziMUD beads to represent various skin tone colors and showcase the beauty in diversity. 

Buy the Corded SwaziMUD Unity Bracelet HERE


  1. SwaziMUD Cluster Dangle Earrings

Maybe longer style earrings are your preference. If that's the case, the SwaziMUD Cluster Dangle Earrings are great pieces to add to your fall jewelry. These earrings include a cluster of Khutsala Artisans' signature SwaziMUD beads, and all of the beads on this piece are fall colors. You can choose from bronze earth brown, bronze teapot brown, and bronze luster to help accessorize your outfit. 

Buy the SwaziMUD Cluster Dangle Earrings HERE

Accessorize your fall wardrobe

Khutsala Artisans has all the fall jewelry you need to enhance your wardrobe this season. Every piece listed above can bring your fall outfits together and make your clothes pop in a simple yet elegant way. 

For more fall jewelry, check out Khutsala Artisans' other products. By browsing all of the options, you're sure to find something you want to buy to accessorize your wardrobe while supporting Swazis in Eswatini. 

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