African Decor That Adds Warmth & Beauty to Interiors

July 15, 2021

African Decor That Adds Warmth & Beauty to Interiors

Whether you have a house, apartment, or condo, you want it to provide the right ambiance and energy. For some of you, that may lead to a tropical theme that resembles the best beaches in Costa Rica. For others, that may result in a desert theme that reminds you of the beautiful landscapes in Arizona. However, if you're looking for something that adds more of a unique flair to your dwelling, you may want to consider African decor. 

This type of design is full of life, patterns, and vibrancy that offers a sense of calm and relaxation, owing to the natural colors that embody it. Once you finish outfitting your place with African art and decorations, you can enter a safari dreamscape that puts you right in touch with nature. 

But achieving this type of look isn't easy. In fact, it can be quite difficult if you don't know what you're looking for or where to get it. Depending on where you live, modern and farmhouse style ideas may dominate your local furniture and home decor stores, but brands like Khutsala™ Artisans make it easy to find authentic, handmade African decor that can spice up your interiors. 

What kind of style is African decor? 

If you've ever been to Africa, you know it's an exotic place with various climates. In North Africa, you encounter an arid desert climate with very little rain. In West and Central Africa, you see a lot of sunshine, high temperatures, and seasonal rain. In East Africa, you get both dry and rainy seasons, and in Southern Africa, you can enjoy a more temperate climate.  

But the varying environments aren't the only defining features of Africa. This continent is also home to diverse ecosystems, ranging from lush rain forests to sandy deserts. Here, you can find everything from sand dunes in the Sahara to rugged mountains in the Ethiopian Highlands to tropical grasslands in the Savannas. 

Because of these picturesque landscapes and beautiful weather, most African home decor centers around nature. All of the pieces for this theme provide a natural touch, warm colors, and an airy vibe that encompasses the defining elements of Africa. 

What are the main features of African decor?

African decor is original, energetic, colorful, expressive, and full of contrast. In some ways, this design style is simple and minimalistic. On the other hand, African decor can offer a more primitive beauty. 

This style plays with the brightness and contrast of colors, textiles, and accessories. Additionally, African decor reflects the outer world, using natural shades and materials that bring the outside inside. Colors like sand, orange, brown, brick, yellow, green, honey, and amber are typical staples. Each of these shades is warm and tranquil. 

However, African decor can also mix fiery red and black to remind you of the deserts that spread across the land. It's equally common to encounter decor that mimics the patterns of animals that roam the continent. 

Five pieces of African decor for your interior

 Now that you know the primary features of African decor, it's time to check out some pieces that you can add to your interiors. At Khutsala Artisans, you can shop a wide variety of African home decor that's handmade by men and women from Eswatini. 

Even better, your purchase can help make a difference in the lives of Swazis, many of whom are struggling with hunger, orphanhood, poverty, and a lack of education. So if you want to decorate your home with some African designs while also helping people who need more resources and support, here are five pieces of African decor that you can buy at Khutsala Artisans. 


  1. Wood Coasters 

Made from bloodwood trees in Eswatini, the Wood Coasters offer a unique, mesmerizing color that you'll absolutely love. The trees that are used to make this piece ooze a dark red colored sap whenever they're cut, and these coasters resemble that beauty. This item also comes in sets of four, so you'll have plenty of wooden coasters to pass along at dinner parties. 

Buy the Wood Coasters HERE


  1. Lucky Seed Bowls 

These hand-beaded bowls are a beautiful addition to your table or kitchen counter if you need somewhere to put fresh fruit. Two of the Lucky Seed Bowls include Maputjuju beads, which are commonly referred to as River beads or "Swazi baby teething beads."

A staple in the culture for generations, Swazi women gather and use this tropical wild grass seed as a natural teething remedy for their babies. In other parts of the world, this seed is known as Job's tears. 

The Lucky Seed Bowls come in large and small and encompass natural shades to add warmth to your home. Additionally, it's a versatile piece that can work with many different themes, so if you only want to add a bit of African style to your interiors, this authentic piece should work. 

Purchase the Lucky Seed Bowls HERE


  1. Wood Africa

Wall hangings are crucial in every home, and the Wood Africa can be just the right piece of African wall decor that you need. Made from repurposed wood in Eswatini, this wall hanging is in the shape of Africa. It's great for an office or any room in the house. But if you have someone in your home who's visited Africa or plans to in the future, you might find that this decor is a welcome addition to their room. 

Shop the Wood Africa HERE.


  1. Wood Animals 

If you're an animal lover or want to decorate a kid's room, you should check out the Wood Animals. These beautiful wooden animals are made from repurposed wood from Eswatini, and they make excellent wall art. You can also choose from multiple selections. This African-inspired decor is available in the shape of an ostrich, elephant, and giraffe. 

Buy the Wood Animals HERE


  1. Mother and Child Candleholder 

This beautiful candle holder is a recent addition to Khutsala Artisans. The Mother and Child Candleholder features elegant glass beading wraps around each figure, and the artisans who made this piece attached each figure to a large round base that's sturdy enough for any shelf or tabletop. 

This African decor is designed to express the strong bond between a mother and child and the beauty of motherhood. Coming in bronze and gold and white and black, this home decor offers an authentic African look and a premium appearance that you and visitors will love. 

Purchase the Mother and Child Candleholder HERE.  

Add an African touch to your home

African decor provides beauty, warmth, and a sense of calm. It doesn't matter what type of place you call home. This natural style works for any interior and offers a great way to get back in touch with nature and honor Africa. If you're looking for pieces that can spruce up your home, shop the entire collection of home decor at Khutsala Artisans. 

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