A Christmas Gift Giving Guide Inspired by African Artisans

December 10, 2020

A Christmas Gift Giving Guide Inspired by African Artisans

What are you buying your loved ones for Christmas this year? 

More than likely, you're considering a plethora of different ideas: shoes, clothes, electronics, cooking ware, and toys.

During this time of year, the options are limitless. There are commercials, ads, billboards, and social media posts that all promote different Christmas gifts that you can give family and friends. But what if you don't want to buy your loved ones a present that's traditional, expected, or the same ole, same ole? 

Most Christmas ads promote gifts that you've already seen. And sometimes, many of those gifts lack the meaning that you'd like to provide. Maybe you want to give your loved ones something new and special this year, a gift that can make an impact in their lives and potentially the lives of others. 

If that's the kind of present you want to provide, then this Christmas gift-giving guide has a list of items that you can buy to make your holiday that much more special. 

A Meaningful Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Taking a step to make your holiday extra special isn't hard with the right Christmas gift-giving guide. And this particular one is rooted in a meaningful mission to bring hope to a little known African kingdom called Eswatini. 

With more than 50% of the population living in poverty, many people in Eswatini don't have the financial resources to provide for themselves or their families. On top of that,  over 200,000 orphans are living in Eswatini for several reasons: 

  • Their loved ones have died from HIV/AIDS 
  • Their parents can't afford to take care of them
  • The roadblocks to adoption are abundant

Khutsala Artisans is committed to helping reduce the number of orphans living in Eswatini by approaching the problem in two ways. The first strategy centers around employment. With many Swazis working at Khutsala Artisans, the men and women in this kingdom have an opportunity to earn a fair wage and provide for their loved ones, including their children and the kids in their community.  

However, to bring even more hope, all of Khutsala Artisans' profits goes towards children, who were once orphans but are now living in homes created by Heart for Africa. These children's homes provide medical care, food, education, protection, and more importantly, love.

Having the opportunity to help vulnerable children in Eswatini is something that Khutsala Artisans want to share, which is why this Christmas gift-giving guide exists. It provides items inspired and created by African artisans that live in Eswatini. And if you purchase one, you'll get to take part in supporting and uplifting the orphans in this kingdom. 

8 Gift Ideas That'll Make an Impact 

If you want to buy a present that will allow you and your loved ones to make an impact in the lives of Swazis, here are eight handmade gifts designed by artisans in Eswatini. 


  1. SwaziMUD JOY Bracelet

Spread a little holiday cheer by giving a loved one a bracelet that reminds them to be full of joy. Crafted by local Swazis, this jewelry will help your loved ones reflect on all of the joyful moments in their life. And it'll remind them that they're helping spread joy in Eswatini by wearing a bracelet from Khutsala Artisans. 


  1. SwaziMUD Heart Earrings 

Supporting children in Eswatini is the heartbeat of Khutsala Artisans' mission, and these earrings are a great symbol of that sentiment. This item comes in four different colors so that you can personalize the earrings to the recipient. And the beads are hand-rolled in African mud, allowing your loved ones to have a little piece of Eswatini every time they wear it. 

  1. Unity Tear Drop Necklace

 This necklace is a great reminder of what happens when there's unity in diversity. Its name helps you remember that you're uniting with different people to help support the vulnerable children in Eswatini so that they have access to food, medical care, education, and a safe place to call home. With beautiful beads and adjustable leather, your loved ones can wear this necklace anywhere and help spread awareness around the good things that occur when we all come together. 

  1. Wood Africa 

Give the traveler or interior designer in your home a special piece of decor by gifting them with this wall hanging. Made from repurposed wood in Eswatini, this wall art comes in the shape of Africa, which can help remind loved ones about the people this gift is helping. 

  1. Beaded Elephants 

There are over 415,000 elephants across Africa, and this animal symbolizes many things, including moral and spiritual strength. Give this beaded elephant to someone who wants to help provide strength to the children—and families—in Eswatini. With over 4,000 colorful beads, this beautiful item will look great in any home or office, and it will help spark conversations around the meaning behind the present. 

  1. Sports Keychains 

For sports lovers, gift them a handmade keychain that represents their favorite game. Whether they love golf, football, baseball, or soccer, there's a keychain for every sport. And this gift can remind loved ones that your purchase gives vulnerable children in Eswatini a chance to live a normal life, including one that involves playing sports.  

  1. Beaded Dragons

Kids have a wild imagination, and it shouldn't go to waste. For little ones who like to play and dream big, give them beaded dragons so they can imagine a fun, new world! With four different dragons to choose from—Fireball, Piper, Dewey, and Gus— you can give this gift to boys and girls. And you can tell them that the money from their new gift will help children in Eswatini have an opportunity to play with fun toys as well.

  1. Beaded Angel 

Buy a beaded angel for the Christmas lover who's always looking for beautiful ornaments. Available in white and gold, this holiday decoration can work as a centerpiece on a table or the ornament that tops off the Christmas tree. However, the best part is that this ornament will always remind your loved ones of the year that you all helped support a meaningful mission. 

Make Your Holiday Extra Special

Whether you buy something on this Christmas gift-giving guide or shop for other products at Khutsala Artisans, your purchase will help make an impact. By buying jewelry or Christmas decorations, you can help Khutsala Artisans support and love the vulnerable children in Eswatini so that they grow up strong, healthy, and prosperous. 

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